Mike Sammartano

Books On-Deck with Google Sheets

Something that has come up in discussions with my English teachers has been an exploration of various ways to have students keep a running list of “books on-deck;” the books they are interested in potentially reading at some point in the future. While Google form or Awesome Tables would work well, I decided that a simple doc shared between the student and the teacher would be best. In putting it together, I found that a Google Sheet would make it even easier for teachers and students to enter and edit information.

Here’s what I came up with (clicking the link will prompt you to make your own copy): Books On-Deck

Of course, you can edit the sheet however you like. If you are interested in using it, here’s how I suggest you proceed.

1 Post an assignment in Google Classroom with no due date. Title the assignment “Books On-Deck” or something similar.
2 Attach the copy of the sheet from your Drive to the assignment. Be sure to select “Make a Copy for Each Student."
3 Add the Topic “Books On-Deck” to the assignment and post it to your stream.
4 Students can click on the assignment and open their copy of the sheet. Because it was shared through Classroom, the sharing is automatically configured such that you and the student both have editing access.
5 Throughout the year, students can add books to the list, accessing the sheet through the assignment, which will be easy to find using the Topic “Books On-Deck” which now appears on the left side of their Google Classroom Stream. Additionally, you can check in on student’s lists at any time by clicking on the assignment and then on the thumbnail for each student’s copy of the sheet.