Mike Sammartano

What's Going on with that Graph?

The New York Times recently announced a new feature, aimed at bringing powerful data visualizations into the classroom. The feature, called "What's Going on with that Graph?" Will be available on the second Tuesday of every month through May of 2018. The Times will publish an engaging, informative graphic, suitable for use in a variety of different classrooms. Similar to their "What's Going on with this Picture?" feature, the graph feature will challenge students to think, observe and question.Read More

Explore these Digital Archives

As I teacher, I was always scouring the web for engaging resources to bring into my classroom - including everything from primary source documents to video clips and gifs, animations, and cartoons. Over the years, I've have amassed quite a collection of links to web-based archives of digitized resources, perfect for use in an educational setting. Here are a few of my favorites.
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